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As a result of the cooperation protocol between the City Hall from Banloc, The General School from Banloc and our Monastery, the Town Hall leadership, in agreement with the Local Council of Banloc, has placed a very generous space at the disposal of the Holy Monastery, within the school building in the village of Partoș, which operates under a Social Center.

On the initiative of the Mayor Toța Cornel, in close communication with the leadership of the monastery, the entire building was renovated and fitted out appropriately for the activities that will be developed.

Within this Center there is a hall called CHRISTIANA HALL - a generous space for  meetings – where  conferences, agapes at various events, workshops, small performances cand be held.

Within this Center, there is also a CONSULTING ROOM, where, starting with this year, 2016, the family doctor from Banloc will be able to consullt once a week, the inhabitants of Partoș who, either because of their old age,  either because of their disease, cannot move up to the dispensary located in the center of the commune. In this consulting room, the doctors that are close to the monastery will be able to fullfill at the end of the week acts of social philanthropy towards people in pain.

Also, the Social Centre "St. Joseph the New" has a SOCIAL LAUNDRY, which provides services for the elders that are alone or helpless, as well as for the needy families with children.

Within the Centre, there are several bedrooms with a total of 25 accommodation places. Here, there is also a SOCIAL KITCHEN under organizing.

We remind you that our monastery is developing several for several years many social projects, such as : THE KITCHEN ON WHEELS, STEPS TOGETHER etc. and it also  performs many philanthropic services. Once the works will be finished, all of these social projects will be developed entirely in the Social Centre which received the name of Saint Joseph, because of the goodness and love of our protector.

The monastery benefitted of Christiana Hall since 2009 when it was arranged with the help of The National Union of Police Officers and Contractual Personnel (SNPPC); in January of the year 2016, after six years of functioning, this hall has been entirely renovated and incorporated into the new Social Center.

We also remind you that within the school, a kindergarten with normal programme is functioning.