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Often, in the years that followed from the refoundation of the monstaery, at the initiative of abbot varlaam almăjanu, have been organized several conferences/meetings, in which science took notice with the theology. Medical conferences are known and appreciated where were discussed interesting medical and spiritual themes: for example The diseases of the soul and body or Death from medical and theological perspective, etc. Meetings like these ones have also taken place, in the course of time, even if not on the same scale, with professor of history (for example: The martyrs of the communist prisons; or The Monastery of Partos-a descent over time; or Aspects of the Revolution of December 1989), or with psychologists (Human soul- the journey from kneading to silence) or with teachers or trainers of pupils (Models of Christian pedagogy). The examples could continue. All these activities have taken place in the Christiana Hall from our monastery, many of them being organised and supported by the Association Semper Agape that sustains our initiatives.

A special place in the cultural activities are the projects addressed to students. These ones have been organised in partnership with educational institutions from this area or from the country. It's all about camps, or initiatives of a day, in which a smaller or bigger number of young pupils, accompanied by teachers took part from a complex and interesting program that combines spiritual formation with the activities in which they manifest their abilities or other activities that help them to spend time together in a pleasant way. There are many of these initiatives; such as: Jesus smiles to children (The 1st of June, 3 editions) and the camp of 4 days  Apprenticeship in plain (3 editions), the latter, with the involvement of the Teachers’ Association from Banat.

A special place among these cultural activities is owned by the beautiful tradition of choral concerts from Partoș that take place both in the eve of the Holy feasts of Easter or Christmas and also with other occasions in the context of some events. Choral concerts are held in the great Church of the monastery. Among those who have been here over time in front of the altar of our old monastery, bringing with the help of songs their abundance of gratitude to God and to Saint Joseph and arising the hearts of the believers, we mention: The Choir of the West University of Timisoara, conducted by Father. Prof. Nicolae Belean, The Choral Choir Lira from Timisoara, The Parish Choir Dacia from Timisoara, The Parish Choir from Foeni, The Choir of Teachers’ Association from Banat etc.

Within certain cultural events held at Christiana Hall, at certain times, various instrumental quartets or quintets presented small recitals, and on certain feasts, the processions were accompanied by brass band music, as happened, for example, on the day of the patron saint of the monastery in the year 2015, when The Army Brass Band from Timișoara was present and that at the end of the ceremonies held a beautiful outdoor concert adequated to the moment.

In the context of the presentation of cultural initiatives of the monastery one can still remember also the workshops, where, in the context of various projects addressed to secondary school students and high school students, coordinated by teachers experts, they either painted icons on wood or glass (there were at least three projects with the painting of icons in the years that passed, attended by many young people), they either sculpted, they either worked with pottery or have composed essays and poems; there were a few literary soirées where was presented the work of some big names in Romanian poetry and prose and where there read fragments  from their works. Not a few times, in the context of activities dedicated to the small children, in the library of the monastery, actors from the National Theatre from Timișoara have read from classic tales of childhood.

It should also be remembered, the continuous project A book for Partoș, which led to the foundation of our library and that supports it consistently even today. The monastery’s friends and pilgrims were asked, as well as today, if they can and if they feel to do so, to bring with them one or more books to form the library of the monastery. Thanks to this project, and the involvement of people with great hearts, the Library Marcu Muțiu has today over 8000 volumes collected in three halls and organized by category: Romanian and universal literature, theology, history, literary criticism, general culture.

We also remember that the monastery has given in the years that passed several scholarships encouraging and helping some laudable students to continue their studies at the Highschool from Deta or at the University from Timisoara. All of these projects are very important because the monastery of Partoș was through the time not only a spiritual chosen mark and monastic life, but also a cultural one; we recall here the old training and prepairing school of priests and educators in this part of the country that worked in cells of the monastery in the 17th-18th centuries.