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The Monastery of Partoș, old monastic precincts of the village, passed through the seasons of many times, often not easy, having virtuous people at its helm and community of monks who lived an authentic monastic life.

We know from documents before and from various scraps from the religious books, the names of some abbots such as: Neofit (1655), Stefan (1666), Vasile (1709), Nichifor (1748), Macarie (1750) and Pahomie (1771) who shepherded the monastery life wisely, some leaving us even writings.

The parishes of Partoș were never more than 7 monks; their teaching was a true, deep one, filled with the Holy Spirit. Particular spiritual atmosphere found here certainly determined Saint Joseph to choose this monastery as the place of its privacy after its resignation to his metropolitan chair of Timişoara in the year 1653. His presence and his necessity here marked forever the history of this place.  But the monastery of Partoș was not only a beautiful spiritual place, but also a place of social and cultural opening. One can remember that in the 17th-18th centuries the monastery functioned as a school for training priests and educators from this part of Banat.

The monastery's positioning itself in the middle of a rural community is especially eloquent, for that purpose, existing between the two realities a strong mutual influence.

Over the years, as a result of refounding the monastery (2008),the young parish of monks shall endeavour to fulfill a beautiful and complex ministration starting from the monastic life requirements and taking into account the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this place. Therefore from the spiritual experience and from the daily ministration of the Divine Liturgy and other ordinaries of the Church is both a social work of the monastery and a pastoral and cultural one, materialised in special projects, involving many admirable people. It is always taken into consideration both continuous training of the parish and the concern towards the small village assigned to the monastery, as well as the cconcern of the great spiritual family gathered around the altar from Partoș, or the concern of pilgrims who come here to meet the sacrament of the Saint . Here are not neglected any administrative and household activities. The choir is exemplary both in ordinary days, when they sing either psalticmusic, either locally music,as well as on Sundays and holidays when answers are given by all the faithful people.

Since 2008 the monastery's abbot is father hieromonk Varlaam Almăjanu, currently the parish having three human beings. Around them there is a fine and extraordinary community involved in everything that means life and the mission of this place.

A new construnction of cells will bring the possibility of making a bigger parish.

Through everything  that is accomplished here, the parish and the faithful people of the monastery strive to bring even a fraction of the beauty that once had this place yore.

Sacrifice and appreciation to Lord and to Holy patronal... Ministration with love ...