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The monastic house was built more than 100 years ago by the community of the faithful people in Partos on the site of old stables and household spaces on the Domain of Count Karatsonyi.

The house, built in the style of simple peasant houses from that period but still very spacious for its time, served over time as the parish house, and a part of it, for a period of time as a classroom belonging to the school in Partos.

Although some changes were made to it, as time passed, its general form was unaltered.

The roof and the windows were replaced in 2007. After reopening the old monastery in Partos, in 2008, the building of the house received a new destination, becoming a monachal house. The interior was completely redone, redivisioned and adapted to the new needs for a limited period of time, given the fact that a new edifice is being built presently which will shelter the monastery’s refectory, sanctums and some administrative spaces. They were arranged  as a large kitchen, some sanctums, two bathrooms, a small protocol room, two accommodation rooms for guests and a pantry.

Saint Antonie the Great is the spiritual patron of the monachal house.