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The edification, within the monastic enclosure, of a new building to harbour the refectory and the cells of the monks, as well as some administrative spaces is a real necessity.

The current monastic house (formerly the parsonage) is not only inappropriate but also powerless in facing new situations that could come. Therefore, it was decided to design a new building to respond to the new requirements. This task was given to the company Studio ARCA from Timisoara, respectively to the gentlemen architects Radu Golumba and Mădălin Iftimescu. The project has received the favourable notice from the General Directorate for Legal and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, on 18.03.2015 (notice No. 96/ZP/2015). After the blessing of His Eminence Father John, the Archbishop of Timișoara and the Metropolitan of Banat and after the receipt of authorisation for construction No. 8/9.11.2015 issued by the City Hall of Banloc, it has proceeded tostarting the works on December of the year 2015.

These works are completed by the company Werk MB Construct from Timișoara and their realisation is possible thanks to the involvement and support of the faithful people attached to the life of our monastery, and to other people of goodwill. It is hoped that this work can be fulfilled by the end of this year.

The construction will feature in spaces on the ground floor: a refectory, a kitchen, dining and administrative spaces, workshops, storage facilities and toilets, while the upstairs will feature cells and toilets. A small chapel will conclude at the sunrise the whole building.

 Aesthetically, the new building will offer a simple image, at both volumetric and details level on the front side, in order not to compete with the two other buildings of historical value. It is going to fit harmoniously into the landscape of the monastic enclosure, taking elements from both churches, and it will be placed in an inspired position of reverence, through the way it's being designed, in relation to the two places of worship with historical value. More specifically, the architecture of the front sides make referrals to the Baroque architecture of the Church, through a large portico with arches, interpreted in a baroqueway, as well as to the medieval architecture of the chapel, through the flowing low of the upper floor, with wooden poles, a cornice and a framework covered with shingles. The building is a volumetric body elongate, built parallel to the southern side of the enclosure.

It is intended to rebuild in a near feature the fence of the north side of the enclosure, modelled as the one already existing, and it is also intended to perform works by protecting the large church and to rearrange the premises, after the completion of the cells.

It is desired, through these works, to render even a fraction of the beauty that this place once had and to show our gratitude to the one that for so long time, with untold love, protects our Holy Metropolitan – Saint Joseph the New one. All these beautiful undertakings shall continue and fulfill, having you closer as a support and help.

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