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This castle was purchased by Queen Elizabeth from Karacsonyi family, together with a very wide area, which was bought in the year 1783 by Lazăr Karacsoyni from the croatian family of governor Draskovics. He received the manor as a gift from Empress Maria Theresa, in exchange for the domain that was given to organize the military districts. We are talking about the historical context in which Banat region, set free in the year 1716 under the Austrian Dominion by the Austrian Feld-Marshal Prince Eugene of Savoy, was incorporated into the Empire of the Habsburgs as a military province.

In his famous work "Monograph of Banat", Ion Lotreanu releases an interesting hypothesis, claiming that Banloc would have been the summer residence of turk pasha from Timișoara. In support of this idea explains that in the park of the castle lies a Turkish grave with the writing chiseled in Arabic. This hypothesis could throw a light over an important phase of the local history.

We must not forget that Saint Joseph the New comes in our country and serves during the Ottoman occupation (1650-1656). It is well known, the enthusiastic reception that Pasha Fasli made at his arrival in Timișoara, and the atmosphere of peace and good interethnic living that existed during that time.

Banloc Castle was built after all the probabilities in the year 1759 and in 1793 the upper level was build, Karacsonyi family endowing, after the acquisition of the castle, the 31 rooms with outstanding artistic values and rarities and the park, with exceedingly rare exotic trees, during Maria Theresa (1740-1780). Into this context, we recall the outside of a carved fountain, a true work of art, made of Italian Carrara marble, and several Roman lapidary inscriptions brought from Micia, near Deva. Karacsonyi family, the holder of a fabulous estate, its origin still being questionable, despite of the paid gold over the last decades of the 18th century for the noble title and for the Hungarian earl title, it appears to be a family found of art and in general of the artistic aesthetics, since it lives in this mansion with its joined park with so many pieces of art and with so many beauties.

The wealth and the artistic beauties of the castle have been multiplied/enriched after its acquisition in 1935 by Elisabeth, the Princess of Romania and former Queen of Greece in exchange for 22 million.

Through its simplicity and sobriety, Banloc Castle, with very few rococo elements typical for the period and with its unique park through the existing rare species of trees, it is described in the famous monograph of Banloc by Prof. Iedu. The monograph presents a detailed description of the castle together with its outbuildings, description based on the "general inventory" in the original, preserved in the archives of the former I.A.S. Banloc and which came, thanks to Sir Chiu Octavian, Chief Accounting Officer at I.A.S. Banloc, in the possession of Professor Iedu. The inventory has been drawn up by the Commission for the Administration of Banloc Domain, Torontal, on 27 May. 1948.