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Through this project 15 houses are assisted socially by our monastery, homes made up of single individuals or numerous families. They are provided food every week. Moreover, on the threshold of major holidays and on other many occasions they are offered generous packages of food and hygiene and health products that can be used for a longer period of time. Ill people are evaluated and tracked regularly by our doctors and they are aided in obtaining the medication they need.

For some years now, the most helpless families have also received supplies of wood to overcome the cold winter more easily. Collections of clothing are also organized periodically for these people.

This project has been up and running  for almost six years and is carried out with the support and participation of many people and families close to our monastery.

The total number of recipients of this broad project is 45 persons. We are trying to turn our love and attention to everyone in need and we're not only helping them with our presence and advice , but mostly with our concrete deeds.  Periodically, packets with food and other domestic essentials also go to multiple needy families from neighboring communities.

It should also be noted that, for a better and a more effective accomplishment of the charity work, at the initiative of the abbot of the monastery, ties have been set-up between these private houses/families and individuals and families from Timișoara.

The latter pursue those entrusted closer, paying attention to their needs and giving them specific help when appropriate. For this kind of families (in particular the gipsy families) the Baptism Sacrament was done endless times, the individuals entering, before anything else, a spiritual normalcy. There were also instances in which the social and philanthropic work of the monastery supported  the funeral of needy persons.

For practical reasons the project's name remained the Kitchen on Wheels, focusing first of all on providing food to poor.


In Partos there is also gipsy minority. This project is geared towards children from these families, and seeks their training and education from all points of view, for a true integration and involvement in the life of the community. The project includes 15 gipsy children and is , in fact, a Saturday school where participants are initiated by teachers in the mysteries of Christian faith, learning to read and write and through specific activities learning rules of proper behavior or developing or cultivating various practical skills.

There is a snack time, but also a play time. The vast majority of gipsy families are also comprised in the Kitchen on Wheels project.

The project has been running for four years (with a break of a few months in 2015).


This project is carried out at the end of each year, in December, as close as possible to the feast of the Nativity, when during a artistic program suitable for the holiday, gifts are offered to a large number of children to delight and reward them for their obedience and hard work over the years.  The moment is being prepared several weeks in advance. All children and young people up to 16 from Partos are a part of this project of joy, along with several classes from the Banloc's primary school and children of the families who regularly visit our monastery. The total number of packs prepared in recent years was 120. 

They were always very generous and have been prepared according to the age of the children.  This was made possible with the help of good-harted individuals, companies, fundations but last but not least, our monastery. The gifts were prepared several days in advance before handing them over to the Banloc school staff and the monastery's personnel. They consisted of sweets, fruits, clothes, games, toys, school supplies, hygienic products and have always produced great joy in the hearts of children.

In 2015 the project was also extended considerably, including the town of Banloc. With the help of a company from Timișoara, in collaboration with the Banloc school board and the Banloc Town Hall, a similar moment was set-up, when 60 children from needy families received such gifts.

The joy and excitement of such moments are unique and forms a beautiful "preface" for the great feast of Godly joy: The birth of Jesus Christ.


It is a project was brought to life at the initiative of people close to the monastery and was made possible with the help of the mayor Toța Cornel.  It comes to help elders who have difficulties in washing their own clothes, curtains, bedding etc. The items that require washing are collected twice a week and several days later the items are returned clean and ironed. The project also focuses on poor families, with many children, who, under supervision, can care for their clothes , picking up cleaning and hygiene. Also, home cleaning is offered to single and powerless people.

To carry out this service, a room was set-up in the Social Centre where several washing machines are placed.


This project will begin at the end of March 2016. It focuses on children from Partos who want to be helped by proficient teachers in learning for better results and academic performance.  The project is a win for both the School of Banloc, since it supports and enhances teaching activity, increasing the level of preparedness of students, and for their families, many parents being unable to keep up with the current requirements of the educational system.
Specifically, with the support of parents and teachers, the children from Partos (those attending primary school) have the opportunity to be helped in doing their homework and learning for their next day in school. The project takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the afternoon in the Christiana room of the Social Centre. The students are motivated and rewarded with regular trips and hikes, as well as through providing them the necessary school supplies at the beginning of the school year or whenever they need it.

It's a tremendous opportunity for these children. Focusing more on their studies and having the special help whenever they need it they have the opportunity to really invest in their future. We're also considering the possibility to organize private lessons for the children, increasing their chances to get better scores at their exams.

This project is supported and sustained by the Semper Agape Association and our monastery.