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This year, the Holydays of Easter were marked at our monastery by special religious ceremonies and by a great number of Christians who have attended them. Following Jesus through His Passion, getting buried together with Him, the believers who attended the liturgical ceremonies of this period have risen themselves with the Lord to a new life, making out of the Resurrection the true fundamental stone of their own existence.

Referring to the feast of the Resurrection, also this year, the Holy Light was brought from the airport of Timisoara. It was placed on the altar of St. Joseph, from where, at the right time, it was given to the crowd of Christians. The encirclement of the churches and the traditional procession was followed by the Resurrection Matins which was held to the outdoor altar. Then the Easter Mass followed in the big church of the monastery where the pastoral word of the Archbishop John, Metropolitan of Banat, was read.

The next day, at noon, the Great Vespers of Easter was committed and the Resurrection Gospel was read in many languages.