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Monday, the 16th of May 2016, brought about, in the context of The Days of Sacred Art from Partoș, the meeting with the famous master of panflute Nicolae Voiculeț. The artist brought on the stage of the Cultural Community Centre from Partoș, through the program he has presented in front of numerous onlookers, the beauty of the traditional Romanian song „doina” and of Romanian traditional song sprung from the fullness of the human soul united through faith with God and with peers. The event caused by the recital of the master Voiculeț and his admirable orchestra was, as the artist himself confessed, a plea for beauty, for authentic, for tradition, for what we are and for our identity.

It was also a plea for returning to our origins, to the rediscovery of God and people, for the joy of living.

The event was under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Timisoara.