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The plea for remembrance. Celebration through music and word of Queen Elizabeth.

This event, dedicated to the memory of Princess Elisabeth of Romania, the old Queen of the Hellenes, and sister of King Carol the  Second (b. 12 Oct. 1894 - d. 15 Nov. 1956), was organized by the Monastery of Partoș in collaboration with Banloc City Hall. The location of this beautiful and artistic manifestations was the yard of Banloc Castle, where she spent her life from 1936 until the 4th of January 1948, when, in the troubled political context of that period, all the members of the Royal family were required to leave the country and assume the path of exile.

We also remember that in November this year we are celebrating 60 years anniversary from the death of the Queen who loved a lot the people and the places here and which in return have treasured and preserved her with gratitude in their memory.

The life of the Queen was presented by Father Abbot Varlaam with many quotations from the memoirs of Queen Mary of Romania, the mother of Elizabeth and were heard two concerts: one of the children's choir Flores Castelli and the second one the quartet of classical music Capricioso from Timișoara (first violin: Dragalina Cristian Csaba; second violin: Sonia Ionescu; viola: Miscu Traian Mihai; cello: Vizauer Kinga).

At the end of the artistic moment Father Archimandrite Simeon Stana, the exarch of the monasteries from the Archidiocese of Timişoara and Mr. Cornel Toța, the Mayor of Banloc, took the word.

This event ended the demonstrations celebrating the first edition of the Days of Sacred Art from Partoș.